Different Types of Humidors and Their Uses

The texture of a cigar is a lot more different than the way we think. Especially if you are a non-smoker or you have no idea of what they are made up of, who will probably have no idea of a cigar humidor too. Cigars look solid, but the contents inside are pretty much humid and wet in a way. This is why they are kept in airtight boxes that prevent it from losing its humid nature. If the cigar loses its humid texture, they will lose its addictive quality. So in order to prevent the cigars from losing the wet condition, they are preserved in airtight boxes. These airtight boxes that are specially made for containing cigars are known as humidors.

Types of humidors:

There are 7 different types of humidors. The classification is based on how these

  • Travel humidor: Humidors are going to be handy and useful only when you are travelling outside. These humidors are further classified into three heads depending on when and where they are used. The types are as follows:
    1. Golf candy humidor: This is one type of case that not more commonly used. The user-base is quite narrow. These are specially designed for smokers who are golf players. They come with a strap that can be attached to pants or with a leather strap that enables you to wear it on the hip.
    2. Vehicle humidor: Vehicles humidors are available separately in stores that fit the design and shape of the car. But a lot of luxury cars today come with inbuilt humidors to suit the comfortability of the traveller. These are known as vehicle humidors.
    3. Pocket humidor: Pocket humidors cannot hold more than two or three cigars. These cases are designed for special occasions that last for a short time and when the user is going to carry only two or three of them and not going to use more than that. They can fit into small pockets and can stay unnoticed.
  • Personal humidor: Since most of the humidors are occasion specific and are designed to be handy and portable, this is one type that is designed to sit on the table both at work and home. You need not have to be an ardent fan of cigars to own them. Since these humidors are designed to take care of cigars for quite a decent period, you can store the cigars in and forget about it for some time.
  • Furniture humidor: This type of humidor is mostly preferred and bought by shopkeepers who wish to showcase the cigar brands that they possess. These humidors are designed in such a way that they are capable of holding up to 5000 cigars in one go. So these humidors are more for commercial purposes than for private purpose.

Walk-in humidor: Again walk-in humidor is a storage type that is most preferred for commercial purpose. They maintain perfect humidity level and are used in cigar shops however they are also owned by cigar enthusiasts in their homes. They can be built according to the taste and want of the consumer. These are known as walk-in humidors.


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