Imperiali Geneve’s Emperador- The Most Expensive Humidor!

Some cigars go up to a price of thousands of dollars. They are so carefully made, preserved and conditioned to survive for a longer period. Not many of us know that cigar boxes have to be kept in a place where it can retain the humid nature present in the cigars. If it is not preserved the cigar might lose its aroma and flavour. The perks of smoking an expensive cigar lie in experiencing its aroma and flavour, and thereby it is imperative that it is preserved and protected. This is the reason why humidors came into existence.

Humidors are specially designed to contain cigars and preserve the inherent humidity that is present in it. It prevents the cigars from getting exposed so you can carry them anywhere, anytime irrespective of the weather condition that is prevailing outside. There are about seven different types of humidors. These humidors are distinguished into types to suit different needs and fulfil different purposes. Not only they vary in terms of usage, but they also vary in terms of cost. There are humidors that are available from a few dollars to humidors that are worth a million. So here we are going to see about the most expensive humidor ever made.


We guarantee you would never have seen something as lavish and beautiful as the Emperador. Emperador is a product of the ImperialiGeneve, the makers of stylish antiques and teaching you the art of living. The products of ImperaliGevene falls within the affordability range of a very few countable number of people on earth. However, the mechanism and the artwork of this cigar chest is designed in such a way that they are loved and adored by smokers and non-smokers alike.

Features of Emperador:

  • The most attractive feature of this humidor is the ability of the chest to accurately measure the humidity and the temperature in which the cigar is stored inside the chest. These details appear on the surface of the box.
  • The way to open and get to the cigar is also designed exceedingly well. The words Imperiali superimposed on the face of the touched have to be touched to gain access to the box. The words are touched in a sequence that is known only to the owner of the chest. So they are locked and preserved inside, and not all can gain access to the cigars inside
  • The tourbillion that is present inside continues to beat and amaze the user irrespective of whether it is in open condition or closed condition.
  • On either side, there are two small circular sockets. While one of them is to cut the cigar the other one is a lighter that is fixed inside.
  • Of course, there is a separate space for dusting the ash particles. But do not take the strain of accessing them. The moment the cigar is brought closer it open automatically without much strain.
  • Each cigar that is stored inside comes with a glass casing that adds to the protection and preservation of the cigar.
  • These are the features of ImperialiGeneve’sEmperador. Designed by the duo David Pasciuto and StéphaneNazzalEmperador has in it the best features and what more could you ask for.

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